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At Happyzozo we spread happiness.

10 Years back there was no Facebook, no Whatsapp and we were still connected with our friends and loved ones, but now the way to connect with our friends and loved ones has changed.
Now we love to stay connected virtually. At Happyzozo we want to bring those old days back, we want to bring those old memories back and what can be a better way than a sketch to capture those happy moments.

Hi my name is Abhinav Jain and I am the owner and founder of You all are invited to join our growing community of artist who like to draw sketches. Do not worry you do not need to be a professional artist you can be any one, but if you can draw simple sketches which you use to draw when you were kid then simply signup for account.

And do you what is the best part? We pay our registered users for drawing sketches for us. For each approved sketch, we pay Rs 15/Sketch for First 100 Sketches and then Rs 30/Sketch after 100 Sketches.

If you also want to join us then kindly register for account at

For any other inquiry kindly drop me an email at


Abhinav Jain

Founder & CEO